A Jogging Artist Made the Roads of San Francisco His Canvas

When you speak of art, there are two things that describe it: it is something you do in just a single place and it can be made from almost anything. You only do it inside your room or in a single area only. A couple of splashes of paint on a canvas or an eccentrically-assembled piece can already be considered as art. But would you believe if someone virtually made sketches along the streets of San Francisco? Meet Lenny Maughan, an artist that creates art using a bizarre media – jogging.

Meet Lenny Maughan

Lenny Maughan is a jogging artist that used his feet and the narrow roads of San Francisco to create his sketches. He would jog as far as 30 miles (48.28 kilometers) just to create a single sketch. Then the outcome of his sketch will appear on the fitness app called Strava.

He is a resident of San Francisco for around 20 to 30 years already. But he has been jogging for his sketches for three years already. Developing his routes and the sketch itself also takes the same time as the actual creation. He starts the planning process by printing some maps of San Francisco and sketches the routes on those maps. He sometimes makes multiple routes and chooses the best one.

His actual works

The first sketch he made was a hand signal that is being done in the popular TV series “Star Trek.” He did it in memoriam of Leonard Nimoy, who plays the character Spock in the TV series. After that, he continued to jog for sketches, its complexity increases over time. His sketches include a taco, a rose, a hand holding chopsticks, and a heart. He even sketched himself jogging. He has already done a total of 50 sketches, the latest of which is a portrait of renowned artist Frida Kahlo.

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