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Plastic pot vs. terracotta pot: which one is better for your houseplant?

Making a choice between two good options is hard. But, the process is easier when you have more information to work with. To that end, we will be breaking down the good and the bad of terracotta and plastic pots here.

Terracotta Pots – Why They Are Good

Down this road, the first thing to note is that they are highly porous and remarkably breathable. The direct implication of this is that they will afford your potted plants the much-needed amount of air that they require to facilitate optimal growth.

Another thing that you stand to gain when you use this type of planter is that your plants won’t require as much watering with it. This is because with terracotta pots you get faster water evaporation which coincidentally ensures that your plants are put at a significantly reduced risk of root rot.

Why Terracotta Pots Are Not So Good

There’s a major downside to using these types of planters as well, however. Interestingly, it is the same things that make this planter ideal that also makes it problematic to use. The fact that water evaporates through it at a high rate means that if you are not watchful enough, your plants will struggle to grow in the extra dry soil of the planter.

Another problem you will quickly face with this planter is that it is considerably heavier to move. As such, you will only have very limited control over where the planter is positioned once you have started using it.

Plastic Pots – Why They Are Good

Moving on to plastic pots, you will quickly discover that these planters possess quite a lot of good things to offer you. To start with, the very nature of the planter makes it more than ideal for helping you with nursery planting. It does not end there though.

This planter is also specially designed to help you retain moisture for longer, making it infinitely more convenient for your plants to access this valuable nutrient with ease.

Yet another thing to keep in mind here is the fact that you always have complete control when you use plastic planters.

They are easier to move about and you can change their location as the need arises without any help. When you consider the fact that they are also not as porous as most other planters out there. You quickly discover that you have a good deal here.

Why Plastic Pots Are Not So Good

Sadly, there is a possible deal breaker you have to keep in mind here, and that is the fact that these planters tend to have a somewhat slower rate of evaporation. The direct result of this being that there is a high chance of you overwatering your plants when you use them.

But outside that, these are some of the best planters you can get out there! So, don’t hesitate to get plastic flower pots online today!

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